About Horse Nannies

Due to increasing urbanisation and isolation of many horse people, gone are the days when a neighbour could keep "an eye on the horses" allowing a horse owner the opportunity to leave home for days or week.

Having personally experienced this frustration and knowing many friends in the same position, Kay Thornton decided it was time to provide the much needed "connection" to allow horse people to provide a mutually beneficial caring service for each other.

Established in 2016, Horse Nannies is still new but growing and will continuously be adding more services and features to further bring horse people together from all over the world!

Founder and CEO - Kay Thornton

Horse Nannies International Founder, Kay Thornton has been involved in the horse industry for many years. She is an Equestrian Australia Level 2 Coach and is the author of popular Facebook page Funny Horse Cartoons.

As a horse owner and equestrian professional, she was well placed to recognised the dilemma of horse owners unwilling to leave their horses in the care of unspecialised house sitters and decided to reach out to as many horse people as possible to solve this problem.

Site Developer - Luke Cliff

Luke Cliff is the owner operator of his own specialist software development business. He has a reputation for producing solutions for web-based business, providing tools and ideas beyond the scope of standard software offered by many developers.

Luke has been involved in the Horse Nannies website development from day one, and will continue to manage and further develop the website.

Site Developer - Mitchell Williamson

Mitchell Williamson's clever website solutions caught our attention in 2015 and he was recruited to work in conjunction with Luke on building the front end interface.

Mitchell is continuing his formal studies in Computer Science at University and will keep working on projects that push the boundaries.

We look forward to more innovative ideas from Mitchell in the future!
mitchellwilliamson.com.au link opens new page

Videos - Girl Director

Girl Director brought their combined 30 years of experience together to ensure the horses and Kay performed their lines on cue!

Whilst excelling at business and music videos, working with animals is something animal lovers Rachel and Michael enjoy best! girldirector.tv link opens new page

Photography - Picture the Moment

Since purchasing her first DSLR camera, Averil Crebbin's hobby has become her profession and the trusty camera is never far from her shoulder.

Her love and understanding of horses results in natural photographs, whilst still capturing the beauty and elegance of horses and their people in everyday life.

Her photographs felt so right for the Horse Nannies website! picturethemomentphotography.com link opens new page

Animations - Funny Horse Cartoons

Funny Horse Cartoons is the work of Kay Thornton and the result of her overactive imagination and need to sketch every situation she finds amusing.

Cartoons will make a regular appearance in the articles and newsletter link.

For more cartoons see the Funny Horse Cartoons Facebook page.
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