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Join Horse Nannies and you can list yourself as someone who is willing to look after a horse.

Many people can care for a dog or cat, but only experienced horse people can effectively look after horses. Competent horse handling skills are appreciated by caring horse owners and these skilled people are not usually found through other Pet Sitting websites.

Features and Benefits

Become A Horse Sitter

Are you seeking positions near home, interstate or even overseas. Assignments can vary from daily visits to a paddocked horses to full live-in barn situations. New positions are constantly being listed so register today to find out what's on offer.

Offer a Stable Away

Maintaining a horse property is expensive! So why not, offer your spare stable or paddock to travelling horse people and help alleviate some of these costs. Think of it as an AirBnB™ for horses!

Professional Horse Trainer / instructor

Are you a professional horse trainer or instructor? If so, you can register your details for free on our website. Through the GPS system, you can promote your skills to horse people looking for a horse professional in their local area. Prepared to travel? That's o.k. too. Set the distance you are prepared to travel to ensure more people see your listing.

Be an Urgent Care Horse Sitter

Urgent Care Horse Sitters provide assistance when a regular carer can't make it. Working on an hourly rate, the role can fit in around your regular job. If you're available, register now so you can assist when the next emergency arises.

Be a Paddock Pooper

Whether it be mucking out barns or cleaning paddocks, if you love working around horses and keeping fit, this is a great way to earn money and build those arm muscles!