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Join Horse Nannies and you can search for someone who is willing to look after a horse.

Many people can care for a dog or cat, but only experienced horse people can adequately look after horses. Competent horse handling skills are appreciated by caring horse owners and are not usually found through other Pet Sitting websites.

Features and Benefits

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When you are away from home, who will look after the horses? Horse owners are often faced with this dilemma. Caring for horses takes the skill and knowledge of an experienced horse person.

Unlike other pet sitting website who cater mostly towards the care of cats, dogs and other small animals, people who register with Horse Nannies International are passionate about caring for horses.

Find a Stable Away

Travelling with horses can be exhausting and stressful, so imagine if you could avoid the show ground route and instead stop at a horse friendly AirBnB™ type property!

With Stable Away, a bit of prior planning could see you connecting with horse people offering stables and facilities. If you are looking for longer boarding that's possible too!

Be a horse sitter

Find A Horse Trainer / Instructor

Are you looking for a coach or trainer for your horse? Perhaps you would like to try a new discipline and to know which trainers are near you. It's free to browse all listings of coaches and trainers registered and you can narrow the search to your local area. Before committing to a session, communicating through Horse Nannies messaging system will help establishing if a trainer is right for you and your horse.

Find an Urgent Care Horse Sitter

There are times when your regular carer has an emergency and is unable to attend to your horse's needs. At times like this, it is wise to have nominated an Urgent Care Nanny who will fill the gap until your regular Nanny is back on board.

Other urgent situations can occur such as when you find you're unable to get home to attend your animals. Once again an Urgent Care Nanny can ensure your horse is cared for until you get home.

Find a Paddock Pooper

Horses can poop up to 18 times a day, so that's a lot of pooper scooping to do. Luckily, there are people who enjoy being around horses and see cleaning paddocks as an opportunity to earn extra money in a wonderful work environment.